Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quiz Time!

Okay, this is the fun essay question portion of the quiz. Brother D, host of our favorite undead podcast, the awesome Mail Order Zombie has his ZATs - Zombie Aptitude Tests, of course - every two weeks and his latest question is made for discussion - the dead are up and walking. What is your weapon of choice and why? Realistic choices, please; no alien death rays or lightsabers allowed.

Head on over to Mail Order Zombie's main site or their MySpace page and let Brother D know what you think! And if you're not listening to the podcast - dude, you're missing out. Sign up now. And make sure to check out Episode 8, where Brother D and Bren' review Episode 1 of Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead!

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mboutros said...

Hey Roe! Put up an RSS feed so I could subscribe to your posts. Finally got SiL up again, so I'll be sure to send you a link as soon as I have some content up.